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 Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules

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PostSubject: Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules   8/11/2012, 5:20 pm

Rules of Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • No Mass RDMing - If you RDM, have a good reason that you did. If you RDM twice every match, we will give you a temporary ban. Sometimes, we may ban permanently, but that is only because you are mass RDMing.

  • No Spamming - If you spam over text or microphone, we will warn you. If you keep spamming, we will gag/mute you for a moment. We will then unmute/ungag you as a warning. If you continue to spam, we will ban you for one week.

  • No Door Spamming - This means no clicking "E" on the door over and over. We will warn you if you do this. If you do not listen, we will then slap you for 10 damage to get your attention. If this kills you, your fault. If you continue door spamming, we will give you a temporary ban for one week.

  • No Teabagging - I find this extremely disrespectful and annoying. If you do this we will give you a slap to warn you. If you continue crouch humping, we will ban you for one week.

  • No Racism - If any Racism is seen, we will warn you about it. If you continue being Racist, we will gag/mute you for a moment. We will then unmute/ungag you as a warning. If you continue being Racist, we will ban you for one week. If you're name is Racist, we will warn you to change it out of the server. If you refuse to change it, we will kick you. If you come back with another Racist name, we will ban you for one week.

  • Respect All Admins/Moderators - If you find a reason that the admin/moderator is being unfair, speak to BloodFury about it. If the admin/moderator says "Shut up", then shut up. Let the admin/moderator talk. If you keep going on and on about how pathetic the admin/moderator's life is, then expect a permanent ban.

  • Respect Players - Be respectful to all players. If you are not, this may result in a warning. If you do not listen, you will be muted/gagged as a warning. We will then unmute/ungag you. If you continue to be disrespectful, we will ban you for one week.

  • No Asking For Admin/Moderator - We will give admin/moderator to those who deserve it. Please do not ask, if you keep asking, we will then warn you to stop. If you continue asking, we will ban you.

  • No Annoying Little Kids On The Microphone - Some kids are allowed to talk on the microphone, but if you are screaming into your microphone and annoying everyone. We'll just mute you. This is not a permanent mute, but act as if it was. If you continue to use your microphone after each match, we will then ban you for one week.

  • No Ghosting- Ghosting is telling people who the traitor is while you're dead. The only way to Ghost is through Steam or some other program. We hate ghosting and if caught, we'll give you a warning. If you keep ghosting, we'll give you a one week ban.

  • No Advertising - Do not advertise whatsover! We take advertising very harsh, we will warn you the first time. If seen again, we will ban you on sight!

If you want a player banned for much longer or permanent, create a ban appeal with a video included. Before you do this, make sure this player has already been banned once. We always want to give people a chance.
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Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules
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