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 Admin Application: Comrade

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PostSubject: Admin Application: Comrade   Admin Application: Comrade Icon_minitime8/13/2012, 8:16 pm

In-Game Name: Comrade

Age: 20

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Have your read the rules?: Yes

How long have you played here?: Here? Specifically? Maybe a few days. I've been playing TTT regularly every week ever since I bought Gmod, though.

How will you help Resurgence?: By taking appropriate measures against inappropriate people, mostly in the form of boot-to-neck moderation.

Will you type in proper English in-game?: 'merican english is da only english i kno, u hear? i dun kno wut dis "propur" english is. Yes, I will type properly.

Which admin/moderator can vouch for you?: BloodFury and Backstabs.

Why do you want to become an admin?: I regularly hop on Gmod just to play TTT to take a break from other games. Usually I just pick the server with the lowest ping, or one with anyone I know on it. I figure if there was a server I had admin power on I'd probably just spend all of my time playing TTT on that server. I'm not applying to be an admin so I can reign dominance over people, or get some sort of special treatment. I just know that I know what the appropriate responses are to just about anything a person could do wrong in TTT. It's a matter of experience, and convenience.

TL;DR I want to play TTT regularly. You want admins that aren't spastic little tards.

Let's say a 12 year old connects and is talking on the microphone casually, what would you do?: Nothing, but if people start complaining regardless (which they will) I might tell him to cool it on the mic.

Let's say a 16 year old connects and is screaming over the microphone annoying everyone, what would you do?: Immediate mute for the round, possibly more depending on severity. If he continues after I'd permanently mute him, but from the sounds of things you guys don't have perma mute. In that case, week ban.

Let's say you get killed from Bob who was an innocent. Bob rarely RDMs though. What would you do?: If he has a good reason and it was me he killed, I'd forgive him for it. If he didn't have good reason, he'd get a slay next round, unless it was particularly hilarious. If it was someone else he shot I'd check logs and ask them if they cared about it. If they did he'd get a slay next round.

Let's say you see a player connect with the name "Wetback" and he is refusing to change it, what would you do?: Ask him to disconnect and change it. If he doesn't he gets a kick. If he comes back with a worse one he gets a day ban. If he's actively being racist in chat he gets an immediate gag. If he's doing a combination of both the name and the chat, he gets a week ban. I know it says differently in the rules, but it does say to honestly say what I would do.

Let's say a player named Blarg123 started cussing Blue123 out, what would you do?: If he's being funny about it I doubt I'd really do much, unless Blue123 asked me to. If everyone else thought he was just being annoying I'd put up a votemute. If it's especially belligerent I'd just straight out mute and gag him. If he then RDMed Blue123, he could expect a week ban.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Application: Comrade   Admin Application: Comrade Icon_minitime8/13/2012, 8:23 pm

Great application. I'll give you low moderator and we'll see how you do from there. I read the part about using proper English in a Jamaican accent. No offense to Jamaicans, but they have that accent that makes them miss out a few letters. lol
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Admin Application: Comrade
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