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 G-Mans TTT server app

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PostSubject: G-Mans TTT server app   8/13/2012, 8:34 pm


In-Game Name: (RESG)G-Man


Do you have a microphone?:Yes, I do

Have your read the rules?:Yes, I read the rules

How long have you played here?:for about a few weeks

How will you help Resurgence?:I will help the community grow stronger and safer from minges,trolls,etc...

Will you type in proper English in-game?:Yes, I will.

Which admin/moderator can vouch for you?:none

Why do you want to become an admin?:So people dont RDM,Minge,Troll, and I want to have a fun and respectful community

Situational Questions

Let's say a 12 year old connects and is talking on the microphone casually, what would you do?:Tell them not to scream,mic spam,Dont say stuff that other players dont like.

Let's say a 16 year old connects and is screaming over the microphone annoying everyone, what would you do?Start with a mute and give them a warning for annoying people.

Let's say you get killed from Bob who was an innocent. Bob rarely RDMs though. What would you do?Give them a warning not to RDM again or a kick if necessary

Let's say you see a player connect with the name "Wetback" and he is refusing to change it, what would you do? Do a kick if necessary or report higher admins,owners,etc...

Let's say a player named Blarg123 started cussing Blue123 out, what would you do? mute them both and tell them to just be quiet and be friends,play the game in peace,etc...

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PostSubject: Re: G-Mans TTT server app   8/13/2012, 9:15 pm

Some of the answers weren't too bad, but there was not enough effort put into the application.

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G-Mans TTT server app
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