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 Roleplaying Guide/Contraband List

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Guide/Contraband List   Roleplaying Guide/Contraband List Icon_minitime8/10/2012, 12:27 am

The Walkers roam, searching for their next meal. Don't let that be you.


This Server is free-roam. Meaning, you can be, and do, what you want. If you want to be a Storekeeper, Deranged Killer, Military, Cop, etc, you can.

What this means exactly, is that you shape your Future. If you want to find a gun, and call yourself a Cop, you can. We will not give you items to fit your past. Find a way to make it fit in with the present, and the future.

Now, onto other things.

Shoot To Miss - You will not need to Shoot To Miss to a certain degree. Just prolong the fight, shoot their Cover a few times to make it enjoyable.

Rolling Only use this if both or all people agree to roll. Otherwise, you will be reacting.

Powergaming Example: "/me snaps Person's neck, killing them." | Our version of React is similar to "Mass Powergaming", but it dosen't involve instakills. It involes instant actions. "/me punches Person in the face." However, you must accept that you will lose times, and win others. You cannot do something similar to "/me dodges the bullet."

React This is essentially what we use. Read above.


Situation Example:

(Note that me1 refers to Guy1, and me2 refers to Guy2, you do not need to add anything to the /me command on the Server.)

/me1 walks into the bar.

Guy1: "I knew you'd come here."

Guy2: "You killed everyone in that camp."

Guy1: "I didn't kill the child, I put her in a cage. If you want to see her bones, they're at the other end of town."

Guy2: "You bastard, I'll kill you!"

/me2 Lunges at Guy1 and tackles him.

/me1 kicks Guy2 off of him.

Guy1: "Big mistake."

/me1 raises his fists.

/me2 roars and moves closer to Guy1.

Notice that with nearly every action Guy1 or Guy2 takes, he lets the other person React.


Terms & Commands.

1. Cop/Metrocop/Popo/Metropolice - Combine Metropolice
2. Overwatch - High Ranking Combine
3. IC - In Character
4. OOC - Out Of Character

1. .// - Local Out Of Character Chat.
2. // - Out of Character Chat.
3. /radio - Implying that you have a radio and set a frequency, you would be able to talk with this command.
4. /y Yells (Larger talking range.)
5. /w Whispers (Smaller talking range.)



1. No Metagaming (Using anything said OOC in character.)

2. New Life Rule (Once you die, and you're not Permanently Killed, you may not go back to where you died.)
Example: If you and your friends/gang/allies are in a building and are raided by another Group, and you die during the raid, you may not come back and assist your friends, you must wait untill the raid is completed.

3. No Random Deathmatch (You can't whip out a gun and kill someone, that is reserved for DarkRP. You must /me your action of pulling out a gun and killing them if you're at point blank. Otherwise, if both of you have weapons, you both must /me pulling them out, shooting, and getting into Cover. Now, this doesn't mean you can't be who you want to be, but rather the methods of how you carry out combat.)

4. Always Roleplay Fear. (You are your Character. You can fear things, such as being held at Gunpoint, or being Shot by Combine.)

5. Always Roleplay Pain. (If you're injured, you'll have pain. For instance, if you were shot in the leg you'd have a limp. If someone broke your Arm with a weapon, you woulden't be able to use it.)

6. Don't run automatically. (If you're shot, as with PainRP, you'd fall down. If you were tripped, you'd fall down. Also, is another Character is typing with/to you, it's generally good to stay in the Area to see what he/she is typing.)

7. No Advertising. (Listing IPs for other Servers, convincing Players to join another, etc.)

8. No Punchwhoring. (This dosen't mean you can't raise your fists and punch someone. You must "Roleplay" it, this generally just means have the punch followed by a /me.)

9. Report. (If someone happens on the Server, a bug, Admin Abuse, etc, I need you to report this to me. Otherwise, I cannot take action and demote/ban/fix said Admin/Minge/Error.)

NOTE: You do NOT have to be a Rebel to own a gun, or fight back. In order to get guns easier, have a proper Paycheck, and access to the Rebel Forum, you must apply.


High Level Contraband: Interrogation, Torture, and Amputation

Flash Grenade
Metropolice Supplements
Pulse Rifle
Smoke Grenade
Any Ammunition

Medium Level Contraband: Interrogation and torture.
Antlion Anatomy
Bottled Water
Chinese Takeout
Handheld Radio
Stationary Radio
Vortigaunt Anatomy

Low Level Contraband: Interrogation
Large Soda
Milk Carton
Milk Jug
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Roleplaying Guide/Contraband List
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