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 Chance's Metropolice Application

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PostSubject: Chance's Metropolice Application   Chance's Metropolice Application Icon_minitime8/21/2012, 8:36 pm

Steam Name: Chance

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10455362

Main Character: Gregory Jenkins

Why do you want to Combine?: I want to combine to par-tay. In seriousness, I like being a combine because of the patrolling and the sons of bitchs that get their ass handed to them.

What is your knowledge, regarding the Combine?: Combine invaded earth a few years ago in the seven hour war, turning all of humanity into slaves in earth. And now you're one of these slaves, or an several eyed alien, or a rebel, or a metrocop beating up people.

Will you be turning a Character into a Metrocop?: Not sure, I think I plan to keep my citizen incase I need to/want to for a change once in a while.

Approximately, how many Combine have you killed/assisted?: None.

How many times have you been killed?: None.

What is your experience with Scripted/Serious RP?: Have been roleplaying for a while, I've even been in the epidemic server before it closed down.

Physical Description: A combine unit with an armband stating his ID number with his regular vest and tools. And a stunstick by his side as well as his handy 9mm.

Loyalist Points: None.

Write some lines, at least 15 of RP for us.
**Metropolice 1 (Me) hears a dispatch on his radio, a local scanner has detected some rebels in the slums.*
**Metropolice 1 quickly unholsters his gun, flicking the safety off running in the direction to the slums.*
Metropolice 1: Stop it right there!
**Metropolice 1 says as he stops with his gun pointed at the men with the resistance uniform.*
**The rebels pull out their guns, forcing the metropolice unit into cover.*
**Metropolice 1 calls for backup in his radio as shots fling by.*
**Metropolice 1 tries to hold the rebels at their position as he shoots his gun blindly from cover, managing to hit one in the leg.*
Rebel 2: Ah, fuck! my leg! help!
**Metropolice 1 looks out from the cover, seeing the injured rebel, trying to shoot again as he is incapacitated and weak.*
**The metropolice manages to hit the rebel again, the bullet landing into his torso, making him die slowly.*
**The sounds of combine running are heard, backup arrives. The other rebel tries to retreat, possibly getting gunned down in the process.*
**Metropolice 1 ejects his current magazine, putting in some more bullets for a full clip. putting the magazine back into his gun, flicking the safety back on. before putting it back into his holster.*
**Metropolice 1 walks back to the plaza, going back to his duty for patrolling the city.*

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PostSubject: Re: Chance's Metropolice Application   Chance's Metropolice Application Icon_minitime8/21/2012, 8:50 pm

Make a different Physical Description portraying your physical stature and whatnot.

But again, I know you're a good RPer.

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Chance's Metropolice Application
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